"Doing what you like is really hard, but, by pursuing it, you will discover a different side of yourself. You will meet certain new people only through this. If you keep doing what you want to do, you will get some chances. So never give up. Keep doing what you like!"

Minori [x] (via the-dreamtiger)



John Crawford - Aerial Nudes (2012)

(出典: likeafieldmouse)


giant wooden clip sculpture by Mehmet Ali Uysal


Floating by Zhao Huasen

a new series by Chinese artist Zhao Huasen where he presents various bicyclists floating on their invisible bikes. The artist captured hundreds of cyclists around the city then digitally removed the bikes to transform the everyday into something playfully surreal. 

(出典: machine-factory)


“Northumberlandia” | Amazing Landscape Architecture by http://www.charlesjencks.com/

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